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Our Difference

The Corporate Housing Company That Thinks Like You Do

At Interim Homes, we are travelers, too. We’ve spent days and nights on the road and in the air, checking in and checking out. So we understand better than anyone what you and your guests need when they are away from home. And we’ve designed a corporate housing solution to make the entire experience better.

The Triple 1 Guest Experience™

Our signature experience ensures every guest has a more comforting stay, from start to finish, at a fraction of the cost of an extended stay hotel.


The 1st Minute

The guest experience kicks off with a welcoming, stress-free arrival featuring our Picture Perfect Check-In™ photo confirmation.

The 1st Hour

You will quickly settle in to your luxuriously appointed living space, designed to meet your every standard, thanks to our 175 Points of Excellence Inspection.™

The 1st Day and Beyond

For the length of your stay, you will enjoy an effortlessly relaxing living experience, complete with 24/7 On-Call support, manned by our real experts (not an answering service!) should any emergencies arise.

Clockwork Coordination™

Interim Homes makes managing all of your corporate housing needs refreshingly simple and surprise-free.


All-in-One Living Packages

Everything you need—from rent and utilities to cable and WiFi—is streamlined into one easy-to-understand solution and monthly invoice.

A Global Network of Properties

Our network of national and international property partners makes it fast and easy to get the Interim Homes experience anywhere you want it and as soon as you need it.
Expert Guidance

Expert Travel Management Protection

Our in-house experts give you the guidance you need to successfully navigate any housing challenge from navigating commuting patterns to providing customized billing solutions on sliding scale per diems.

About Our Company

Interim Homes was established in 1999 to take the “how?” out of corporate housing. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, we began servicing corporate housing needs throughout the mid-Atlantic and quickly grew to service clients nationwide. We’ve brought together a team of experienced housing and real estate specialists—and passionate travelers—to expertly handle all your temporary housing needs.


1. Daily Hotel Stays


2. Short-Term Housing


3. Long-Term Housing

Certified to Help You Meet Your Supplier Goals

Our promise is to deliver seamless customized housing solutions that are specific to your needs with prompt, personal, and professional service.